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Artificial Intelligence For IRA’s

Artificial Intelligence (AI) For IRA’s

Over 75% of daily stock activity is generated by computers.

Computer chess champions cannot beat winning computer chess programs.

Top AI systems can best any investor at trading.

The top performing managers use AI.

The Renaissance Medallion Fund is the father of quant investing earning over 100 billion dollars since 1980 and earning about 7 billion dollars a year over the past several years as reported in a new best-selling book entitled, “The Man Who Solved the Market”. This fund is the super predator of our age holding assets an average of two days.  If you have noticed the odd behavior of stocks over the past seven years you might just be trading against computers.

Bridgewater Associates LLC. Was the top performing hedge fund in 2018 and not everyone knew, but AI was a performance enhancer to the famed asset allocation management.

Point 72 Asset Management run by Steven A. Cohen is also a top performer using AI.

You can use a top performing AI cloud-based system to enhance your IRA performance. You may do it yourself or use a manager.  IRA’s are excellent because of their ability to compound trading gains without ordinary income taxation.

Trade-Ideas AI system named “Holly” has won recent awards for its excellent performance.

Holly is the only commercially available AI service that has delivered positive alpha over the past four years. Trade-Ideas has recently been awarded Best Machine Learning Development at Fund Intelligence’s 2019 Technology and WSL Awards. This was mostly due to the proven application of the technology to substantially outperform the S&P in 2018.

Holly is an artificial intelligence tool that generates active strategies each day to capture alpha.

The amazing part of its AI performance is that it closes out all trades by the end of each day.

52% in 2016.

Most recent performance figures will be published soon.

Go to: bit.ly2WcFAtM  for more info.

Go to:  to see Trade-Ideas used by traders ( a free trading room) Opens at 9:00 AM EST and closes at 3:00 PM EST.

Holly is excellent for suitable IRA owners and for managers of Private Placement Variable Life contracts.

Each evening “Holly” makes millions of calculations, tests various filters and selects the best algorithms for the next day as shown above. The selected algorithms have the best win rates and PF calculations over the past 90 days. The PF means that for every dollar at risk the algo made 1.79 to 6.30. The investor can choose which of these algos to use for the trading day. Interestingly most of the profits are earned in the morning.

Holly can even direct the trades automatically.

Advisor’s Capital Investments Inc is one of the first advisors to use “Holly”.  Trade-Ideas sends prospective advisor clients to ACI for demonstration and training.

Advisor’s Capital Corp. offers educational training including “Holly” called Street Smart.

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